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Rengat, Sumatra

"…In January 2016 I visited the town of Rengat, Sumatra for the memorial service of the 'Peristiwa of Rengat.' There I met Panca Prehatin and Naya Bravani and her mother Nini Turaiza Tulus, who are the relatives of the victims. My research showed that Dutch military performance during what was called the 'Second Police Action' in 1949 in Rengat was much harsher than was previously thought in The Netherlands. I spoke to eyewitnesses, collected memoirs, and found a significant report in the Dutch archive. It was a very impressive experience and I was very much touched by the stories of local people whose lives were greatly affected by the events of 67 years ago…"

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Rengat research in the news:

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