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Independence Struggle - South Africa & Namibia

"..In the Mandela special that Vrij Nederland published after his death, I wrote about the role of the anti-apartheids movement in the Netherlands...."

"...During my History studies I did an internship at human rights organization Forum For the Future in Namibia where I met the inspiring activists Jackson Mwalundangwe and Samson Ndeikwila. The issue they worked on was their participation in the Namibian liberation struggle by the organization SWAPO, that became involved in torturing its own fighters. Jackson and Samson were victims of these human rights violations and fought for historical justice. For my MA thesis I researched the reaction to these violations by the Dutch anti-apartheid movement. How do you react when the organization that you support is violating the same rights you were fighting for in the first place? I stayed with the great Namibian family Sitali and got inspired by many very interesting people, such as former SWAPO parliamentarian Danie Botha, Dr. Justine Hunter who worked on the same subject and Maggie & Noreen, two local girls who grew up in Angolan detainee camps..."

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